Friday, APRIL 15th, 2015  |  5pm-9pm

Girls Night Out returns to Downtown Northville on Friday, April 15th.

Please complete this form to confirm your participation in Girls Night Out:

Our business will be open until at least 9pm on Friday, April 15th *
To be included in the list of participating businesses, the NCBA asks that you commit to being open until 9pm on the night of the event.
If your business is offering a special deal, sale, giveaway, refreshment or something else just for Girls Night Out, please give us basic details so we can help promote it!
Your name, so we can contact you with questions
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If you have any questions about Girls Night Out, please contact Dan Ferrara (The Northville Gallery) at 248-345-6959. Posters and reminder postcards will be distributed to stores by March 15th.  We will email you with all other promotional information and additional details.