Thanks for your interest in the NCBA's Enjoy Northville smartphone app.  The app will only include Downtown Northville businesses and will provide key information about restaurants, retailers and service businesses.  It will also feature the ability to include coupons or special offers, as well as list events for individual businesses.  City-wide events like the Victorian Festival and Arts and Acts will have the ability to post their event schedules as well, making the app a valuable tool both for regular Northville visitors as well as out-of-towners.

The app will link to this site (feel free to use a facebook page address or leave blank if you don't have a website)
If your menu is posted online, please give us the exact location
Business Phone Number *
Business Phone Number
This number will be made public on the app.
Business Street Address *
Business Street Address
Please enter a 3-5 sentence description of your business.
The App has the ability to show coupons or special offers for businesses. If you'd like an offer included, please type it below. Include any disclaimers or limitations. Also include an expiration date. If you include an offer in the app, you should be prepared to honor it until the expiration date. If the NCBA is informed you're not honoring an offer you've asked us to place on the app, it will be removed and you may not be able to add a new one in the future. The listed business, and not the NCBA, is responsible for honoring or compensating for any offers posted.
Because this app requires significant investment to develop and maintain, only paid NCBA members and businesses who pay a yearly fee will be included. NCBA membership dues are $300 for the year and cover both Girls' Night Out events as well as the Sidewalk Sale. Marketing, Insurance and event management is paid for with the NCBA dues.

If you have any questions about the NCBA's smartphone app, please contact Dan Ferrara at Rutiger Consulting (248) 345-6959.